Welcome to the RegistrationMagic demonstration portal. Here, you can check out everything RegistrationMagic Premium version has to offer. Below are some quick links to help you navigating different areas:


Landing Page Demo


To explore all the features of the demo, use following admin account:

  • username: demo
  • password: demo
  1. Registration Forms Manager
  2. Form Dashboard
  3. Submissions Manager with all filters
  4. Attachments Manager
  5. Form Analytics
  6. Field Analytics
  7. Users Manager
  8. Single User
  9. Pricing Fields Manager
  10. Emailing Users
  11. Email Outbox

To explore other areas please use links provided on the right hand side. You can use registration form to create new user, you can create new form and publish them. We hope you like the demo and decide to use RegistrationMagic for your website.

NOTE: since admin backend is publicly accessible please don’t input any confidential details such as security tokens, passwords etc anywhere.